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- ARTELISTED Is a hidden gem among auction houses in the US. Managed with integrity, imagination, and an eye for the unusual, Artelisted offers fine art in all its forms,  from Latin American paintings and Russian photography, to rare modern fiction and Victorian children’s books, Civil War photography and works on paper, as well as a rich selection of postcards and ephemera. There’s much more too. The owner is very open minded and frequently offers art and other items from marginalized artists and communities other auction houses overlook. As each new catalog appears on line, I open it with excitement and anticipation, knowing that among its offerings there  will be unique and sought-after rarities. Whether you are consigning or buying, you will want to peruse carefully each new catalog from this firm - and more than once. By Mr. Jerry Whitlock


 - I would like to thank you, Mr Martinez, for all the sales you have facilitated in my behalf. I have experience with numerous auction houses and I believe you are absolutely among the most professional, helpful,  and courteous auctioneers, and, furthermore, there has never been a discrepancy in our accounts. With most Houses, the contents of their catalogs are pretty predictable. You have a strong niche in vintage cards and historic photographs, but you are clearly open minded enough to always have some unexpected collectables to offer, and both sellers and buyers have benefited. Prof. A. P. Antippas


- I would like to highly recommend Artelisted  to anyone that has old photos, cards, documents, etc. I have sold some old photos with Daniel Martinez for almost 2 yrs, he is very personable, pays attention to detail to get the highest bid for your items. I am very satisfied with the way he handled and displayed my photos. He keeps you informed and does a wonderful job. I will use the Artelisted auction site again for any antique item that I  want the best price for Thank you Daniel Martinez  Best Regards C. Moore


- My entire life I've been involved in the world of antiques and auctions. My parents had been involved in auctions since the 1940's; my mother a dealer and my father a restorer. I drifted away from the field a little. In early 2020 barely getting out of China and riding the wave of covid that would soon be engulfing the world. I found myself quarantining and in limbo. Feeling like Charlton Heston in The Omega Man, I was looking for something to distract myself. I discover online auctions. Having been exposed to all the pro's and con's of the auction world, my guard was up. I waded into the online auctions, with no plan or direction. Soon I was buying regularly and I found myself following Artelisted's sales. As a cautious buyer I made small purchases. I found Artelisted's  presentation both pleasing to the eye and easy to use and track. I found they were very easy to deal with. They were very professional in an easy non-elitist way. Questions were always answered politely and very promptly. I would find myself asking questions on weekends and evenings and always received a quick reply. Little things, like this, show's that they truly care for their customers.  Never once did I feel like my questions were a nuisance or inconvenience. And they do in-house shipping; not much more you could ask for from an online auction. Soon, I found myself consigning. This experience has been great.  When you buy and collect you feel a bit of an emotional attachment to the item.  You found the item, you bought it, you appreciated it.  Many auction houses see the item as a product or inventory; a listing of merchandise to sell and to move on quickly to the next item and sale.  I never felt this way with Artelisted.  They managed to bridge the gap between buyer and seller and remain fair to both and by doing so; protect and promote the interests of both parties. A truly rare and admirable quality in the world of antiques and fine art: and more so in the world of auctions. All I can say is congratulations to Artelisted and their first ten years; and I look forward to the next ten years - both as a buyer and a consignor. Keep up the excellent work and best wishes for the future. Thank you Artelisted and thank you Daniel with respect, N. Lewis


- I am grateful to have an ongoing working relationship with Artelisted in Florida. I have achieved personal financial bests for my signed male nude photographs through their online art auctions. I have also achieved nationwide and worldwide exposure as a result of their online marketing. I am a disabled gay artist and appreciate their non discriminatory policies and open mindedness. Artist Tim. R. Fisher

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Marilyn Monroe, 1956

Babe Ruth, 1939

Albert Einstein, 1953

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Bunny Yeager

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Signed Pirate R. Grinnell, 1707

Yankees Signed Ball 1962

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Alphonse Mucha


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Early French Surrealism

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While most people like to simply update their Facebook walls with selfies while on holiday there was a time when everyone would send a postcard. Some of those postcards are now collector’s items and some are worth more money than a holiday in space…

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